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Writing articles for distribution is a very effective method of improving back links. You can write informative articles about topics related to your site or some topic in which your target audience is interested in and then submit it to appropriate publications within the industry.

But the important part is that you provide a brief bio containing your Web site URL and make it a condition for publication that the article must appear with a bio containing your company URL. This can generate a lot of quality links for you, but it takes time and at least some basic editorial skills.

Publishing articles always leads to ezine subscriptions, which then lead to more sales, more and better advertising in the my own reading list and more exposure. Such a self-feeding loop helps your business grow non-stop.

The articles that you write and upload on your site should contain high quality content. Only then will the search relevance of your site be increased.

Press releases are another form of link building. In fact press releases remain one of the most effective yet underused techniques in link building.

Press releases should contain a carefully worded title, well placed keywords and a link to the site that is the subject of the article. These press releases should also provide excellent information relevant to the industry. This is also an expensive form of linking especially if you are in a competitive field because the more you spend the better distribution is. It is very important to remember that the press releases should not be published on your own site. This is because duplicate content carries a penalty with it.

Press releases online are presently used by large organizations frequently through their in-house PR departments but small business webmasters and online businesses are yet to learn the value of news search rankings and media attention gained through online press release distribution and optimization.

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